Science Squad

Our mission is to get students interested and engaged in science. Our main partnership is with John D. O’Bryant High School, where we volunteer with the science department and focus on the science fair program. Throughout the year, we volunteer at science fairs, teach science classes at NEPTUN, and participate in other science programs around the city and country.

Service Project Details

Participants should be available during the day to volunteer in the classroom at John D. O’Bryant. During both the fall and spring, we will be developing a class for the NEPTUN program (a weekend event for high school students). During the spring, we volunteer to judge several science fairs. In addition, we usually do some large volunteering trips towards the end of the year. In the past, we have attended the International Science and Engineering Fair and the US Science and Engineering Festival. We are always looking for new opportunities – if members come up with projects, they are encouraged and supported by the team.

Job Description:

We are seeking 2-3 new members. Members must be passionate about science and getting students excited about the subject. Members must also be good team players and have a strong desire to contribute.

Timeline and Commitment Details:

We meet weekly on Sunday afternoons. Volunteering at John D. O’Bryant will happen on Wednesdays or Thursdays from 1:45 pm to 3 pm. The group is very open to new projects, which are typically planned as a group and executed individually. We also typically do longer volunteering/teaching events on a few weekends each year.

Service Location:

Meetings on campus. Volunteering at John D. O’Bryant (10 min from campus). Science fairs around Boston.

Why you should join!

We are a fun, committed group of students who love working with kids and getting them excited about science.

Team Leader:

Kelli Lynch