Day 12: The Thrity-Four Percent Solution

Day 12: The Thrity-Four Percent Solution

It is the 12th day of our trip.  12 out of 35. Obviously, not every day can be the adventure that movies like Indiana Jones and Romancing the Stone imply, but it was a pretty good day. Not much happened if we put it in a bullet point list, we had a group video project due, so we did the following:

  • Worked on it
  • Presented it
  • Ate
  • Chatted
  • Critiqued our films

Simple, clean-cut and to the point. Oddly enough it was probably one of the most memorable days thus far. We’re all still
working out, trying to get to know each other and this new space we’re in on top of the usual haul that is coursework.  Needless to say it was fun. Working in a collaborative environment you’re exposed to the artistic ideas people have and how they go about it. Often times that is the best way to get to know someone, know their values, interests, the way their mind works. Some of the people from APAK (a film organization we are working with) stopped by for the screening and we drank Mishka. We were all so burnt from the tight deadlines it was a much-deserved end to the day.


The day I experienced was most likely different from the reality of what it was,
We sat there in class, working, writing, and editing, with barely a moment of pause.
We were in separate corners, on separate computers with separate food
I always wonder what kind of anxieties and thoughts reside within us
and if it’ll all end in a blood feud
‘Who took my charger? Where are our snacks? You’re not doing this right, I’d really like my hard drive back.’


The day I experienced,
Was different from yours,
Though we watched the same movie
We had different scores.
I had a headache all day
Which laced the memories with distress
Whilst other groups were stuck figuring out
Ways to impress.
Some went for music, some comedy, some heart
None of us could work if we were apart.
It wasn’t for the grades, or the desire to be outside
But rather a sense of ability which was kinda implied.


The first film illustrated an affliction
One that can subdue zombies
It told us a tale
Of a life with too much coffee
The protagonist was jittery and upset
When she didn’t get her fix
She could live without the internet
But no coffee left her life amiss.


The next film was quite funny
Though tbh I didn’t know what it was about
It showcased a military regimen
That was pretty tricked out
It chronicled the life of a dentist
Who exercised with such ardor
He was actually quite inventive
For he played a lot of parkour.


Though the next film didn’t quite compute
It was interesting to see the head honcho
Completely and utterly addicted
To what appeared to be his poncho.
He would sing and he would dance
Whilst wrapped in his fluffy alpaca
He was definitely engaged in a romance
And was as happy as a jolly ol’ santa


Shortly afterwards we learned
Some valuable life lessons
From a gal who is adamant
On what it means to leave an impression
She spoke beautiful Spanish
She knew what to order
She was clever, kind, and insightful
And was an expert on tourist torture


And last but not least
I would be remiss
If I went any further
And did dismiss
The quaint little corner
Where a bookstore stood tall
Where dogs would flop and lay
and we would read until curtain call


This was my day
It ended with Mishka and coffee
With students wiped out
And us craving to leave the lobby
A lot more did happen
As the evening closed its chapter
Though I’ll leave that for you to imagine
What memories we would capture