Day 8: Haikus, Bird Butts, and American Idol

Day 8: Haikus, Bird Butts, and American Idol

Today was day eight

So far it is lots of fun

Here are some haikus


We are in Mindo

The forest has many sounds

There are lots of bugs


Bird watching today

Tom and I got up early

Photographed bird butts


He took awesome pics

All of mine were of bird butts

Here is a picture:

Locate the bird butt!

An actual photo of that bird (courtesy of Tom Cairns)


First thing in the morn’

We ate lots of scrambled eggs

Many types of juice


Worked on videos

What even is sound mixing

We figured it out


We want to eat lunch

Exporting takes forever

We are very stressed


Ate some soup, thank god

And then we viewed our first film

They were very good


Random picked order

We are scared to show our films

Everyone applauds


David and Jean judge

Like American idol

We all laugh a lot


After watching all

We are better than we think

Now the next project


We drink hot chocolate

And sing a whole bunch of songs

Here, there is a list:

songs from tonight – photo courtesy of Skye Walker


We are way too full

But the food here is so good

Ate it anyway


Wanted to go swim

Hot tub is only lukewarm

Helps to be with friends


Some people play cards

And sit by the nice warm fire

I froze in the pool


It is time for sleep

Tomorrow Otavalo

Wow I’m exhausted


Bonus: A completely and totally real and not photoshopped picture of Tom holding a cuckoo in the rain forest!