Day 15

Today marked the end to an intense week of filming with APAK productions. We started the morning with reflections and “thank you”s. The gratitude flowed both ways, as both our students and the producers at APAK expressed sincere thanks for the effort put forth this week. After taking time for discussion, each producer displayed bits of their team’s footage. This was the first opportunity for many of us to see what the other teams had been up to throughout the week. Each group’s footage revealed the different experiences and dynamics we had created during our shoots, varying with each directors’ styles, our camera-person’s personalities, and the characters within each group. Watching the footage revealed just how much quality footage we had captured in only three days, and renewed our excitement about seeing the finished product.

IMG_6881 “Saying Goodbye”

After our goodbyes, many of us headed out to lunch, for some the first opportunity to explore Otavalo’s colorful streets and expansive craft market. The market fills a large square not far from APAK’s studio and the main Plaza of Otavalo. Packed stall to stall, vendors sell handmade goods: from earrings to traditional necklaces, carved pipes to wool blankets, alpaca sweaters to woven backpacks. After dropping much more money than expected, we all headed back to the hotel, laden with gifts for ourselves and others.IMG_6932 “Browsing the Market”  IMG_6922 “Haggle Master”

Gathering in the hotel lobby, we discussed our plans for the next few weeks. This included our return to Otavalo in August where we will help APAK finish the production of their documentary, work on promotion among the community and come together for two final screenings: one in Cayambe and one in Quito. Along with this scheduling, we excitedly discussed all the details of our travel to the Galapagos Islands – which will include planes, boats, buses and maybe bikes!IMG_6948