Day 9. Hiking Day


We woke up to the sounds of nature. Mindo is a place full of colors and sounds. There’s a hummingbird sanctuary right outside the hotel, where hummingbirds are free to come and go. There, the sun perfectly illuminates the trees and the air is filled with beautiful birdsong. If you are observant, you can even notice squirrels hopping on tree branches.

After breakfast we started our adventure through the great Cloud Forest. First, we bravely rode the 500 meter high tram wire from one mountain to another. The view from the tram was spectacular, and the ride was surprisingly brief. Next, we embarked on our 4 hour hike. Luckily, it wasn’t as challenging as the crater had been because of the lower altitude and less steep paths. Nonetheless, it was a difficult journey and we all sweat a lot. Some of us went into the waterfall with our Go Pros to hopefully capture some amazing footage. Finally, we hiked to another waterfall.

After the hike everyone was hungry and exhausted, and so when we got back, we just sat there and stuffed our faces.


Then it’s time to work on or catch up on the reflection and the journal! Good luck guys!