Day 5: CAC museum and sound workshop

Day 5: CAC museum and sound workshop

Today, we were in class from 9-5. While I would normally feel overwhelmed with so much structured class time, the students on this trip exponentially augment each experience. Normally, stagnancy gives me agita, but the many hours spent in classes were both equalized and diluted by the presences of my classmates.

At Nine a.m. this morning, we loaded a bus to visit the Contemporary Art Center.With insight from some of the many talented local artists, we explored the video art exhibitions–in the former-hospital, current-museum–where the rooms oozed sound and color.

With exhibits and lectures in mind, a thoughtful discussion between my classmates, teachers, and Quito’s artists gave us new perspective to enhance the rich artistry we saw that day.

Afterward, we took a break for lunch then began our next class: Introduction to Sound. Since Michael, Ana, Amber and I had previous experience with sound design, we excused ourselves to complete a sound journal before meeting our classmates at the bus to complete a second sound journal assignment at the Grand Plaza.

For those of you who haven’t been there before, the Grand Plaza is the Ecuadorean version of Times Square. The area teems with life—a space where a cacophony of music, chirps, beeps, whistles, and voices compete to be heard. Families stroll, vendors sell, and elderly folk sit on cracked benches to rest. The plaza inundates every sense you have, so much so that I often find myself spinning in circles to try to take it all in.

With wind buffers in hand and large headphones on our ears, we recorded the music of the streets. I feel like we caused a bit of a scene, walking around aimlessly with flashy equipment, yet I had many great experiences that day with locals and foreigners alike.

So that was a taste of today.. tomorrow we get to hike!!! 🙂