good2 Dr. Amy Mueller – Principle Investigator

Dr. Mueller is an Assistant Professor at Northeastern University in the departments of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Marine & Environmental Sciences.  Work in the Environmental Sensors Lab builds on Dr. Mueller’s prior research at MIT’s Parsons Laboratory for Environmental Science and Engineering and the University of Washington’s Department of Oceanography.



WenjinWenjin Zhang – Ph.D. Candidate (Interdisciplinary Engineering)

Wenjin joined the group after completing her MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering.  Wenjin’s research focuses on informatics for decision and control of civil and environmental infrastructure systems, including machine learning applied to wastewater treatment sensing and process control.




Alfred Navato – Ph.D. Candidate (Computer Engineering)

Alfred came to Northeastern from almost 8 years working in industry to tackle issues at the intersection of data methods and civil and environmental engineering, particularly focused on water resources.



Umang Chauhan – M.S. Candidate (Environmental Engineering)

Umang joined Northeastern after earning a B.S. from the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai.  His graduate work is looking at characterization of novel wastewater processes, specifically focused on N and P species.




Srushti Shah – M.S. Candidate (Environmental Engineering)

Srushti joined the team in winter 2018 to assist in detection of a range of ions in wastewater.  She is fundamentally concentrating on exploring waste water treatment process research.






Fizzah Shaikh – Class of 2021, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Fizzah dove into research at Northeastern in her very first year on campus and has worked on everything from embedded controller design to drinking water quality monitoring (in collaboration with Prof. Ameet Pinto’s lab) to thinking about hardware for real-time decision making and adaptive sampling.




Meyling Yi – Class of 2021, Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics

Mey joined the lab in Fall of 2018 to assist in the development of electrical and mechanical components for an automated ion-detecting in-situ sampler which will be used to monitor phosphorous concentrations of storm water in real-time.  Since then she has contributed with mechanical design on other novel monitoring systems, including for long-term study of wastewaters.



Edgar Castro – Class of 2020, Environmental Engineering

Edgar joined the lab in 2018 to carry out a pilot study assessing the extent of environmental stressors in public transit (things like noise, particulate matter, and vibration).  Edgar has also worked on creating tools through which feed-forward neural networks trained in MATLAB can be run in LabVIEW.



Previous Lab Members

Andrew Snauffer – Postdoc (2018-2019)

Drew was instrumental in pushing forward exploration of application of novel sensor + machine learning approaches for measuring constituents of wastewater in wastewater treatment reactors, with the goal of supporting innovation in online controls in environmental infrastructure.



Version 2Anna Cullen – Class of 2020, Chemistry

Anna joined the lab in Fall 2016 to study issues related to farming productivity in developing countries.  Specifically Anna worked on a fast, cheap, point-of-sale test for fertilizer quality to protect career farmers from the economically-devastating consequences of purchasing low-quality fertilizers.



Alex Agudelo – Class of 2018, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Alex joined the team during his Junior year at Northeastern to lead development of an embedded controller for the trace-metal in-situ sampler which will be used to study nutrients (like Fe) at long-term ocean monitoring stations; this project integrates sensing, algorithm development, and controls.




Josh Toby – Class of 2021, Computer Engineering

During his sophomore year Josh tackled implementation of the embedded controller for a portable miniaturized microscope for on-site drinking water monitoring, including hardware control (lighting, sample slide movement) and data management (image collection, saving, and interfacing with automated microbial count algorithms).

Jahaan Saini – Class of 2021, Industrial Engineering

During her sophomore year Jahaan explored questions around the mechanics of low-cost underwater releases, studying heat transfer and power consumption in a variety of melting and breaking architectures for trace metal clean water sampling.