Current and Past Funding

Environmental Data Science

Boston Water and Sewer Commission, “Stormwater Monitoring and Model Validation.”, PI at Northeastern.  Awarded 2020.

USGS Water Resources Research Institute Program FY19,  “Real-time Responsive Nutrient Loading Management in Urban Catchments through Sewer-Embedded Sensing and Controls.”  PI.  Awarded 2019.

Northeastern Tier 1 Seed Funding.  “Project Description: Application of Network Analyses and Machine/Deep Learning Approaches to Modern, Multi-omic Data.”  co-PI.  Awarded 2019.

DARPA Biological Technologies. “Implementation of a synthetic Anammox bio-granular technology in the main wastewater treatment line” (Collaborative grant with University of Washington and Caltech).  PI at Northeastern.  Awarded 2017.

Environmental Biogeochemistry & Sensors

Schmidt Marine Technology Partners, “Printed Multi-sensors for Coastal Nitrate Monitoring and Source Identification.” PI. Awarded 2020.

NOAA, MIT SeaGrant, “Miniature E-Jet Printed Multi-Sensors for Aquaculture Water Quality Monitoring and Management.”  PI.  Awarded 2020.

Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center – Acorn Innovation Fund 2019, “PRISM:  Better Ocean Data for Better Ocean Management.”  PI.  Awarded 2018.

Northeastern Tier 1 Seed Funding.  “Yeast-Based Chemical Sensors for Biohybrid Underwater Robots.”  PI.  Awarded 2018.

NSF Ocean Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (2015-17). “Examining the role of anoxic events on coastal micronutrient (Fe) supplies from a novel high-resolution profiling sampler.”  PI.  Awarded 2014.