Amy Mueller


PhD, MIT, Environmental Chemistry, 2012
MEng, MIT, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2003

Area(s) of Expertise

Sensors and instrumentation, machine learning, environmental chemistry

Research Interests

My lab develops new sensors, instruments, and signal processing strategies to optimize our ability to study, protect, and improve the natural and built environments with a particular focus on studying and protecting coastal and aquatic systems and water resources. We take advantage of interdisciplinary viewpoints and expertise from both science and engineering to tackle important challenges in across sectors (science, remediation, energy, manufacturing) such as: characterizing nutrients in natural systems at high spatial and temporal frequency, enabling next-generation waste water treatment strategies, facilitating online controls for distributed renewable energy systems, and real-time monitoring of outflow water quality. Key tools and methods used in these projects include sensor and instrumentation development, embedded systems, wireless sensor networks, signal processing, machine learning, and closed-loop controls.

Lab Website

Prof. Mueller is a joint appointment between the College of Science and the College of Engineering.


459 Snell Engineering Center