Upcoming SSEHRI Presentations at the 2021 ASA Meeting

SSEHRI is proud to have multiple representatives speaking and organizing at the upcoming 2021 American Sociological Association (ASA) Virtual Annual Meeting. See below for the talks, roundtables and sessions presented by our members. For more information about the conference, and to register, click here!

Elicia Cousins: “The contested science of radiation exposure: Constructing narratives about childhood thyroid cancer after Fukushima,” at the Open Refereed Rountable 11: Trends in Health and Bodily Autonomy. 

Kelsi Furman, Luiz Barbieri, Sharon Harlan, and Steven Scyphers: “Social Equity in Shore-Based fisheries: Identifying and Understanding Barriers to Access,” Environmental Sociology Roundtables.

Martha Powers, Otakuye Conroy-Ben, Alissa Cordner, Phil Brown, Ricky Salvatore, Kira Mok: “PFAS in American Indian and Alaska Native Communities”: Session on Environmental Sociology, Indigenous Peoples and Native Nations.

Phil Brown and Anjuli N. Fahlberg (Co-Organizers and Presiders): Pandemic-Inspired Social Movements, Collective Behavior and Social Movements Section.

  • Making Masks, Saving Lives: Rage Sewing in Community During the Pandemic
    • Ruby Spies, Windy Tran, Kiyanna Moheit, and Grace Yoo
  • What Do We Want? Housing! When Do We Want It? Now!: COVID-19 and Kansas City Tenants’ Organizing
    • Michelle Smirnova, Jordan Ayala, and Clara Irazabal
  • You Can’t Social Distance in Prison: COVID-19, State Siolence and the Fight for Decarceration
    • Jennifer Elyse James
  • We, the Hongkongers: Two-way Diasporic Mobilizations through Imagined Transnational Political Alliance
    • Chi Pan Wong