New Publications by Phil Brown and Sara Wylie

Check out the latest publications from our SSEHRI Core Faculty, Phil Brown and Sara Wylie.

Phil Brown recently published, “From the Radical Psychology Movement to STS: A Journey From the 1960s in Multiple Parts,” which appears in Science as Culture. Click here to view the whole article.

Laura Perovich, Sara Ann Wylie, and Roseann Bongiovanni, published, “Chemicals in the Creek: designing a situated data physicalization of open government data with the community,” in arXiv preprint. Click here to view the whole article.

Sofia Eleni Spatharioti, Sara Ann Wylie, et al, published, “Tile-o-Scope AR: An Augmented Reality Tabletop Image Labeling Game Toolkit,” in International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games. Click here to view the whole article.

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