Building Safety for Everyone is a worksite-based program that utilizes Predictive Solutions to recognize safe physical working conditions and practices from safety assessments and provide feedback to workers. It is an innovative safety recognition and communication program that works to positively influence on–site safety culture by facilitating teamwork and collaborative competition. Under the assumption that the Predictive Solutions scoring system is in place, this program increases safety awareness by communicating both safe and unsafe practices to all worksite personnel. When a high level of safety is achieved by the worksite as a whole, a free lunch and raffle are provided. Alternatively, if the safety threshold is not met, no one on site will receive recognition regardless of individual subcontractor safety scores.

What this program does:

  • Builds key communication infrastructures;
  • Delivers regular feedback to workers for their role in promoting and maintaining safe physical working conditions and practices; and,
  • Improves communication of safety performance between workers, foremen and site management.

The program augments a worksite’s existing health and safety framework – it does not replace it.