Ashley Coombs: Country Specialist Coordinator




β€œAt Aperian Global, our mission is to develop the capabilities of individuals, teams, and organizations to work effectively across cultures in order to create a sustainable global future. We are proud to serve a worldwide client base of some 260 organizations representing industries such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, banking, finance, accounting, manufacturing, management consulting, information technology, education, and petrochemicals. Our clients are for-profit, not-for-profit and governmental enterprises, and many have been with us for over 10 years.”
The main function of the coop student is to locate and explain the roles of the experts in the above fields. Aperian Global looks for a full-time and part-time paid co-op student.


What does your organization look for in co-op students?

We are looking for persons with an existing skill set. Because of the breadth of international communication required at Aperian Global we want co-ops with cross-cultural competence. We like to see students put their silly side jobs on their resumes to show they can multi-task.


What can co-op students expect to do while working for your organization?

In the country specialist department a co-op must be very process driven to succeed. Every day on the job is different. Co-ops have to contact and recruit experts in diverse industries daily. A previous full-time co-op student started slow; he had a huge and steep learning curve. The job calls on co-ops to construct professional emails and phone calls ; act as a professional employee.


What do you think students take away from their time with your organization?
Students who have worked for us in the past have gained a lot of business experience and also great cultural experience. Interns own their role – they are the face of Aperian. This position offers a great opportunity to work with others.