The Cooperative Education Program at Northeastern University, also known as “Co-op” is an educational model that provides students with opportunities to alternate periods of academic study and periods of paid, full-time employment related to their academic majors and interests.


For you, the employer, the program offers a continual gateway to enthusiastic employees with developing skills and talents, as well as potential relationships with future colleagues.


This partnership offers you:

  • A simple, cost-effective way to meet human resource needs: no fringe benefits, no recruitment costs – Co-op students are paid as temporary hourly employees
  • Six-month Co-op periods, with ample time for students to be productive and valuable employees (scheduling back-to-back co-op periods results in full-time coverage for on-going work);
  • Opportunities to create flexible work environments in which permanent staff are able to take on special projects or complete “hard to get to” projects while co-op students take on recurring work; and
  • The enthusiasm, fresh perspective, and energy of talented young people eager to learn.


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