Globalization creates an imperative for colleges and universities to prepare students to be citizens of the world.


At Northeastern, international cooperative education is a great way for students to develop the knowledge, awareness, perspective, and confidence to feel at home anywhere in the world. And because experiential learning is Northeastern’s particular strength, the connections you will make through international co-op are broader and deeper than what is usually the case with standard foreign study programs.


Northeastern students can pursue a six-month international experiential learning opportunity in over a dozen countries with a broad range of international organizations. Opportunities exist in a broad range of industries including business, health care, engineering, education, computer technology, policing, biomedical, and communications.


Working and living in a foreign country presents distinct challenges. That is why Northeastern carefully selects and prepares candidates for international experiential opportunities. Ideal candidates for an international experience must be mature, flexible, adventurous, independent, self-motivated, and have a strong academic record while immersing themselves in a new culture. In return students will gain intercultural competency, international exposure, and deeper understanding of what it means to be a global citizen.


What is the procedure for going on an international coop? How do you decide who to work for or where to go? Visit our International Experiential Opportunties page for a more in-depth exploration of International Affairs global opportunities, student experiences, and all the information you need to start planning the international component of your Northeastern education.


International Affairs majors can complete an international co-op to fulfill their international experience requirement.