Here is some advice, as well as information about assignments, to guide you during your co-op experience…here are a few great resources to reference before and during your co-op experience

How To Succeed During Your Co-Op

General Internship/Networking Tips for Co-Ops/Internships


Develop Objectives and Goals

Think about why your chose your co-op.

Think about how you can use your background in the social sciences to focus your job experience and contribute. (Read this article about the need for social science graduates!)

  • What viewpoint can you bring to your organization that might contribute uniquely?
  • What do you want to accomplish, what do you want your impact to be?

Set up a preliminary meeting with your supervisor

Connect with your colleagues and network

  • You will have the opportunity to be immersed in a professional environment, take advantage
  • Ask other employees how to contribute, about their experiences, and about the company
  • Networking is priceless for job leads after graduation and even for future co-ops (Networking Tips)

Set up a final meeting with supervisor to discuss your progress and impact


Assignments During Co-Op

Mid Co-Op Report: You will be instructed to complete a mid co-op report halfway through your co-op. You will write about your experiences, goals and how you have progressed, and generally evaluate yourself. You will post it onto blackboard on a viewable forum by other co-op students, and then read and comment on other student’s submissions

End of Co-Op Evaluation: You will be directed to an online form to evaluate your experiences at your co-op. You should then tell your supervisor to fill out his/her respective form, in which he/she will evaluate you as an employee.