One of the exciting things about studying here at Northeastern is the broad range of destinations for international Co-op and Dialogues. These are exciting experiential learning opportunities that have been developed within the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, and our goal is to help educate and inform students so they can maximize your ability to take full advantage of these while studying at Northeastern. Students may consider how they can combine Co-ops and Dialogues in a certain area as part of becoming regional experts and gaining a deeper understanding of the areas and cultures that interest them.


Jon Andrew, IAF coop faculty, has co-led a Dialogue to Germany and accompanied a Dialogue to Turkey to develop a network of co-op positions for our students. Joani Lamachia has similarly co-led Dialogues to Northern Ireland and developed a range of opportunities there as well as Bali, Cambodia, and the Balkans. Click on a country or region below to learn which Dialogues are offered and the co-op positions available there.




The Balkans






Northern Ireland

Non-Dialogue Related