The IGERT Nanomedicine Program recruits exceptional PhD students from the following departments:

Northeastern University: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Engineering

Tuskegee University: Materials Science and Engineering or Integrative Biosciences

University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez: Applied Chemistry or Chemical Engineering

The distinguishing factor about the IGERT Nanomedicine program is its interdisciplinary nature; Although each student is engaged with their own unique Nanomedicine project, they often work collaboratively with one another across disciplines. Through research, Outreach projects, or the IGERT Nanomedicine Seminar Series, students have regular exposure to cross disciplinary concepts and approaches, with a goal to leave students, not only well trained in the cutting edge field of Nanomedicine, but with a broader understanding of their research community at large.

Although primarily a doctoral program, the IGERT Nanomedicine Program also provides research opportunities to Undergraduate and Masters Students through the IGERT Associate program. This makes lab experiences available to young researchers interested in the topic of Nanomedicine who may not otherwise have the opportunity. Each IGERT Associate works with a Northeastern Faculty member on a Nanomedicine related project for a period of one semester. For many, this experience provides a gateway for other research opportunities.

For more specific information on our IGERT Trainees, see individual student pages.