IGERT PhD Program

The IGERT Nanomedicine PhD Program is now closed.  We are still offering all our Nanomedicine courses as part of the Graduate Certificate in Nanomedicine!

Program Requirements

The IGERT Nanomedicine Science and Technology program offers fellowship to doctoral students pursuing a Nanomedicine related research topic. Students are enrolled from from the three schools – Bouve College of Health Sciences, College of Engineering, and College of Arts and Science. Some of the Departments from which students have been supported are Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chemistry, Biology, Mechanical and Industrial Engineeering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Physics. Students entering this program will receive a doctoral degree from their representative department and concentration in Nanomedicine.

Departmental Core requirements

The requirements for admission and candidacy in the Doctoral program vary with Departments. Check with your home department for these informations.

Concentration in Nanomedicine requirements

  1. Nanomedicine Courses

    Introduction to Nanomedicine Science and Technology (Every Fall)
    An introductory course is to provide an overview of the distinctive features of nanotechnology and their application to bio-medical problems. This course will provide the contrast between the macro/micro/nano world. Cutting-edge nanomedical technologies for sensing and imaging, drug delivery, and therapeutic applications will be addressed. Guest lectures will be presented by experts within Northeastern University and from local area hospitals and research establishments.

    Nanomedicine Research Techniques (Every Spring)
    This advanced course is designed to expose the students to the various instrumentations needed to characterize and understand nanomaterials that are used in nanomedicine. A laboratory component is incorporated within this course. This course aims at providing an introduction into theory with simultaneous laboratory experience for instrumentation in Nanomedicine.

    Nanomedicine Seminar (Fall and Spring)
    A weekly seminar series featuring external and internal experts, as well as talks by IGERT Fellows, other graduate and undergraduate students.

    Bio- and Nanomedical Commercialization: From Concept To Market (Every Spring)
    Learn how to take ideas in nanomedicine, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical sciences from concept to market. This course features weekly talks by venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and regulatory officials. Fundamental concepts for market evaluation, raising capital, protecting intellectual property, regulatory considerations, and building a thriving business are discussed.

  2. Nanomedicine Non-course requirements

    • Internship in Industrial/Hospital or International Laboratory
    • Outreach to RET or K-12
  3. Nanomedicine Thesis (with approval of Nanomedicine IGERT committee)

    • The thesis project must be centered on the Nanomedicine research theme. Nanomedicine is defined here as the application of nanotechnology to a medically relevant problem.
    • In keeping with the mission of IGERT program, the thesis project must be interdisciplinary in nature.
    • There will be a requirement of having one of the members of the IGERT committee to be a co-advisor or member of the student’s thesis committee.