The IGERT Nanomedicine program has developed and offers 4 specially developed courses.


Course Information:
For further information on these courses please contact
Professor Srinivas Sridhar
Professor Srinivas Sridhar
435 Egan Research Center

(New Course!! Beginning Spring 2013)

Course Description:
This course offers a comprehensive overview of key elements involved in commercialization of nanotechnology-based R&D from concept to market. Guest speakers will include venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and regulatory officials. Fundamental concepts around various business models, protection of intellectual property (IP), capital and financing, mathematical modeling of business valuation and transactions will be discussed. This course also covers regulatory process for technical and clinical validation of nano-based products, including nanodiagnostics and nanomedicine, as well as mechanisms for raising capital to support product development. Each student is required to complete two projects: (1) an individual project, (2) and a team project. These projects are selected from ongoing research activities in Northeastern University and other leading research centers and are designed to apply concepts learned throughout the course.

Lecture Time and Place:
Spring 2014
Location: TBD

Course Credits:
3 Semester Hours

Course Instructor:
Dr. Mostafa Analoui, Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Livingston Securities.

Textbooks and References:
There are no specific textbooks for the course; assigned readings will be announced weekly based on topics being covered and recommendations by invited speakers.

Graduate and Senior Undergraduate students from Colleges of Science, Business, Engineering and Bouve Health Sciences are eligible to enroll directly. Students from other colleges and non-Northeastern students are also welcome and are eligible to enroll as special students.
The course will utilize some mathematical and accounting techniques, and additional support will be provided for students who may need help in these areas. Explicit technical background in nanosciences is not required and extra reading materials will provided to those who may want to expand their technical knowledge.

NNMD 5470 Syllabus

For more information on this course please contact Professor Srinivas Sridhar at

NNMD 7270: Introduction to Nanomedicine Science and Technology
(Every Fall Semester)

The purpose of this introductory course is to provide an overview of the distinctive features of nanotechnology and their application to bio-medical problems. The course contrasts macro/micro/nano to bring out the unique properties of nanotechnology in nanomedicine. Cutting-edge nanomedical technologies for sensing and imaging, drug delivery, and therapeutic applications will be addressed. The course is taught by NEU faculty and also by guest speakers from local area hospitals and research establishments.

Representative topics covered:

  • Synthesis, characterization and functionalization of nanoparticles
  • Overview of nanotechnology from Physics perceptive
  • Magnetic nanoparticles and energy delivery for therapy
  • Polymeric nanoparticles and their applications in nanomedicine
  • Applications of nanotechnology in microfluidics
  • Design and synthesis of functionalized nanoparticles
  • Nanotechnology and highly organized tissues
  • Environmental and social impact of nanotechnology
  • Bio-Nano-Robotics
  • Mitochondrial gene therapy and nanomedicine
  • Liposomes and micelles in nanomedicine

Course Credits: 3 Semester Hours

Course Requirements:

  1. Class attendance is mandatory. Students are also encouraged to actively participate in this course by engaging instructors in discussion of issues, asking questions in class, and generally being involved with the course.
  2. Students can opt for either a satisfactory/unsatisfactory or a letter grade.
  3. Students will be evaluated on the basis of term paper on a nanotechnology application topic, presentation, and cumulative take home final exam. The topic for presentation will be based on student’s research background and theme of the course.

NNMD 7370: Nanosystems Design for Biology and Medicine
(Every Spring Semester)

This course aims at providing an introduction into theory with simultaneous laboratory experience for instrumentation in nano-medicine. Through this course students will be exposed to a very wide gamut of techniques; the expectation is that this will widen awareness from the narrow confines of individual laboratory to the wider university level community. This is one of the principal goals of the IGERT program. In keeping with the interdisciplinary goal of the IGERT program this course will require the students to give a presentation on a topic related to a new emerging advanced instrumentation method or technique related to their research. The grades will be based on the conventional written lab reports, a comprehensive term paper, and the presentations.

Course Credits: 2 Semester Hours, 1 hour for lecture and 2 hours for laboratory

Course Requirements:

Students can opt for either a satisfactory/unsatisfactory or a letter grade. For the former it is important to note that a satisfactory grade requires a 70% grade on an absolute scale.

NNMD 7272: Nanomedicine Seminar
(Every Fall and Spring Semester)

Seminars will be presented by world-renowned distinguished scientists in the field of Nanomedicine.

Course Credits: 1 Semester Hours

Course Requirements:

Graded satisfactory/unsatisfactory.