The IGERT Nanomedicine Science and Technology interdisciplinary program awards Ph.D. degrees in core subjects with a specialization in Nanomedicine Science and Technology. Key elements of the innovative educational research and training program include:

  • An innovative education and training doctoral program with a flexible structure for interdisciplinary, teamwork-based training and research,
  • Opportunity to perform cutting-edge interdisciplinary scientific research project for doctoral dissertation under the mentorship of world-renowned scientists and educators,
  • Interdisciplinary research training in diverse areas including nanostructured materials, nanomagnetism, cell biology and trafficking, optical microscopy and imaging, sensors and diagnostic systems, drug and gene targeting and delivery, and synthesis and surface functionalization and characterization of nanostructures, and theoretical computational modeling,
  • Practical real-world experience through graduate internships in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device industrial companies, research hospitals and government laboratories, with co-mentoring by industrial and medical research scientists,
  • Opportunities for international research visits and collaborations,
  • Stipend of $30,000 for multiple years, plus tuition.