May 22, 2015 – Social Science – Environmental Health Collaborations Conference

Day 2  – May 22, 2015  Workgroups on Implementation


Developing and Evaluating Training Materials for Teaching Social Science-Environmental Health Collaboration:  The “Curriculum Project”


Jennifer Carrera – Northeastern University
Robin Dodson – Silent Spring Institute









Christine Vatovec – University of Vermont



Social Science in Government Regulatory and Research Agencies

Cecile Wendling – CNRS-Sciences Po-Paris, Rachel Morello-Frosch – University of California, Berkeley

Wendling Presentation Slides

Morello-Frosch Presentation Slides



Environmental Justice Organizations as Collaborators

Steve Roberts, Jesus Holguin, Jen Rossi – Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island
Penn Loh – Tufts University









Staci Rubin – Alternatives for Community and Environment

EJLRI Presentation

Loh Presentation Slides



Developing and Carrying Out Collaborations – Practical Concerns

Simultaneous workgroups on the following topics:

Youth Organizing

Cumulative Impacts

Community-Based Participatory Research London and Leon Workshop Slides

Reporting Exposure Data to Participants

GMO Mosquitos

Community Resilience


Event Contributors