Engaging with the Natural and Designed World

Short Name: Natural and Designed World | User Code: ND

Students study and practice scientific investigation and/or engineering design in order to understand the natural world and to effect changes in it to meet human and societal needs and wants. They learn critical thinking and analytical problem solving; the biological, chemical, and/or physical principles that govern the natural world; and the efforts that underlie the origins, development, acceptance, and applications of those principles.

Learning Goals: By the end of the course, students should be able to

  1. Formulate a question that can be answered through investigation or a challenge that can be addressed through research or design.
  2. Develop and use models based on evidence to predict and show relationships among variables between systems or components of systems in the natural and/or designed world.
  3. Use and question scientific principles and practices to evaluate issues raised by the interplay of science, technology, and society.