Exploring Creative Expression and Innovation

Short Name: Creative Expression/Innovation | User Code: EI

Students study and practice creative expression and innovation. They learn about traditions of creative expression and innovation in any of a number of modes (texts, image, sounds, design, etc.) and products (poems, paintings, prototypes, business plans, games, apps, medical devices and procedures, etc.) and develop their own creative processes and products as a means of seeing and experiencing the world in new ways and communicating those experiences to others.

Learning Goals: By the end of the course, students should be able to

  1. Describe creative processes in one or more disciplines (e.g. art, business, writing, science, engineering).
  2. Generate an artifact (e.g., design, poem/essay, application, visualization, musical composition, product, prototype) through a creative process.
  3. Evaluate experimentation, failure, and revision in the creation of innovative projects.