Writing Across Audiences and Genres

Short Name: Writing Across Audiences/Genres

Students study and practice writing for multiple public, academic, and professional audiences and contexts. They learn to use writing strategies, conventions, genres, technologies, and modalities (e.g., text, sounds, image, video) to communicate effectively.

As with the previous Core, this requirement will be fulfilled with four writing courses:

  • First-year writing in the English Department
  • Advanced Writing in the Disciplines in the English Department (or approved equivalents)
  • Two writing-intensive courses in the disciplines, which are embedded in the majors.

    Short Name: Writing Intensive | User Code: WI

Learning Goals: By the end of the course, students should be able to

  1. Adapt writing for multiple academic, professional, and public occasions and audiences.
  2. Develop facility with genres of their chosen academic field and profession.
  3. Identify credible, relevant sources and engage meaningfully with them in their writing.
  4. Demonstrate control of writing conventions, including citation standards and mechanics.