Engaging Differences and Diversity

Short Name: Differences and Diversity | User Code: DD

Students study and practice methods for recognizing and understanding human diversity of various kinds in global, local and organizational contexts. They learn theories and perspectives of human difference, civic sustainability and multiculturalism, how social arrangements shape and are shaped by difference, and the histories, cultures and interactions of diverse groups.

Learning Goals: By the end of the course, students should be able to

  1. Describe how notions of human difference have changed over time and across local and global contexts.
  2. Discuss the value in recognizing, respecting and embracing human diversity, and how diversity contributes to culture and society, including civic sustainability.
  3. Evaluate and compare two or more theories of human difference, and approaches to cultivating and leveraging diversity.
  4. Connect theories of human difference and approaches to diversity to one’s own experience.