How to submit a course for NUpath attributes

Match course materials and activities to Learning Goals for the NUpath Requirement(s).

Consult Guide for Preparing NUpath Proposals and view examples of Exemplary NUpath Justifications. Consult Writing Intensive Guide for help with the WI attribute

Use Courseleaf for proposing NUpath attributes be added to courses and for tracking progress through the approval process

Refer to Dashboard to see which courses are already approved for NUpath attributes

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Then launch CourseLeaf and submit a course for NUpath.

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Guidance to Faculty to Ensure Minimum Standards

A Course will be approved as satisfying an NUpath Requirement 1 through 8 if:


No more than one other NUpath 2016 Requirement 1 through 8 is already approved for this course.


At the end of the course, students will have had substantive opportunities to achieve the learning goals of the NUpath Requirement.

Roadmap for Success

NUpath Framework

The following twelve points outline the NUpath Framework.  Please see the full NUpath Document, as approved by the Senate, for more details.

NUpath Document

  1. Requirements 1 through 8 are fulfilled through courses that allow students to meet specified learning goals. Students can use a single course to meet either one or two of these requirements.
  2. As with the previous Core, Requirement 9 will be fulfilled with four writing courses:
    • First-year writing in the English Department
    • Advanced Writing in the Disciplines in the English Department (or approved equivalents)
    • Two writing-intensive courses in the disciplines, which are embedded in the majors.
  3. Requirement 10 may be fulfilled by a single experiential learning opportunity, including but not limited to co-op; a service-learning course; a research-intensive course; or a Dialogue of Civilizations course.
  4. As with the old Core, a Capstone course in the major is a requirement of the new Core.  Learning goals for these courses are designed by the major.
  5. Any course that satisfies Core Requirements may also satisfy a requirement in a major.
  6. There are no level requirements for courses in the Core.
  7. Any department or program may propose courses for core requirements 1-8.
  8. In order to ensure that students are exposed to Northeastern University’s core learning experiences, three of the core requirements 1-8 must be fulfilled through the completion of Northeastern University courses.
  9. Students may petition the Provost’s Office to fulfill a Core Requirement via Independent Study or an equivalent faculty-supervised experience.
  10. Students who enter NU before 2016 will complete the existing core or may opt in to the new core; students who enroll during or after Fall 2016 will complete the new core.
  11. Courses proposed for the new Core must provide students opportunities to achieve the learning goals for that requirement, though they need not use the exact language of the learning goals in the core. Courses approved for the new Core will count in the old Core as appropriate.
  12. A single course may be approved for a maximum of 2 of the Core Requirements 1 through 8