Upperclassmen summer i

We have taken student feedback related to required moves from semester to semester seriously and have developed a summer assignment process designed to minimize the disruptions caused by multiple moves.


Applications are live in December on your myNEU Housing Online. Filling out the application is not binding, so you need to pay a Housing Deposit by February 13th to secure your place in the room selection process, or if your current building is open, secure your Spring space for the summer. Deposits will be accepted after February 13th, but you will not be guaranteed to take part in the selection process, or guaranteed to stay in your Spring assignment.

If you would like to receive email reminders about summer deadlines, please apply for summer housing by January 20th.


Important Documents

Selection Guide
Selection Schedule
Summer I Selection Infographic

 If You Have a Spring 2017 Assignment in an Open Building

 If your Spring 2017 assignment is in a building that is designated open for the summer and you have paid the deposit prior to February 13th, we will assign you to that space for the summer semester before the start of Summer 1 selection. Additionally, you will be able to pull a friend into any vacancies in your room during the Pull-in Selection Process. Once you receive confirmation of your assignment, to view the vacancies in your room, please review your roommate information for the summer on Housing Online to see who is booked to your apartment/suite.

Please note: If you have a compelling reason why your Summer I assignment is not in your best interest, you may contact us (housing@northeastern.edu).

If You Do NOT Have a Spring 2017 Assignment in an Open Building

If your current assignment is in a building scheduled to close for summer 2017 OR you are returning from being off campus during spring semester, you will need to take part in the Summer I Housing Selection process.

Summer I 2017 Selection Guide for Pull-in and General Selection (posted closer to selection)

  • Pull-in Selection process: If you have a friend that will have a Summer I vacancy in their room or apartment within an open building, they may pull you in.
  • Group Selection – You will be able to select as a group and fill-in available apartments.
  • General Selection – You will be able to select as an individual, on your own, from all remaining vacancies.

Housing Assignment letters for Summer I semester will be e-mailed in early April.

IF It is after selection

Housing is still available. We have very limited types of apartments, no singles. If you are interested, you can speak with the Assistant Director, who will be happy to let you know what we have before you pay your deposit. Please email housing@northeastern.edu with your name and NUID number to inquire.  If you like what we have, you will be required to apply and pay a nonrefundable housing deposit.  Please note that once you pay the deposit you will be held to the cancellation schedule and fees.


Because there are less students in university housing for the summer, not every building remains open. If your Spring building will be open for summer, and you have applied and paid your summer deposits, you will automatically be placed into that space. If your building is not open, you will be able to choose a new room in the summer I lottery.

Summer Open Buildings
106 St. Stephen St* 335 Huntington Ave (LAW)*
110 St. Stephen St* 768 Columbus Ave (LAW)
116 St. Stephen St* 331 Huntington Ave (GRAD)*
Levine Hall (122 SSS)* LP-309 Huntington Ave (GRAD)*
LP-97 St. Stephen St LP-311 Huntington Ave (GRAD)*
10 Coventry St LP-315 Huntington Ave (GRAD)*
780 Columbus Ave All summer buildings are subject to change. 
Davenport Commons A 
The Fairwoods (319 Huntington)*
The Fairwoods (337 Huntington)*
Loftman Hall*
West Village B
West Village C
West Village E
*These buildings do not have central air and can accommodate air conditioners, which you will be able to rent if your room qualifies. Information about aIR CONDITIONER RENTAL RATES WILL BE POSTED HERE CLOSER TO THE SUMMER SEMESTERs.  

Air Conditioners

106 St. Stephen St 335 Huntington Ave (LAW ONLY)
110 St. Stephen St 331 Huntington Ave (GRAD ONLY)
116 St. Stephen St LP-309 Huntington Ave (GRAD ONLY)
Levine Hall (122 SSS) LP-311 Huntington Ave (GRAD ONLY)
The Fairwoods (319 Huntington) LP-315 Huntington Ave (GRAD ONLY)
The Fairwoods (337 Huntington)  
Loftman Hall  

Full Summer: $335

Half Summer: $275

Request form available on Housing On-line under Forms/Requests and "Summer AC Request"

What are the room rates?

Summer Room Rates can be found here.


Consolidation Housing is for you! Programs that leave a few weeks into summer session will be given a consolidated housing option for their short summer stay.


If you are looking for Conference and Event housing SEE HERE.

If you are looking for Summer Intern Housing SEE HERE.