International Village

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International Village is split into 3 towers, East (22-Story), West (19-Story), and North (9-Story). International Village is conveniently located next to the T (subway & bus) station and a short walk from academic buildings. International Village includes a gym and a dining hall located on the first floor. 

Building Details 

Bedroom Types:

Enhanced single semi-private bedrooms (shares bathroom with connecting room)
Enhanced double semi-private bedrooms (shares bathroom with connecting room)
Enhanced Triple semi-private bedrooms (shares bathroom with connecting room)

Security: Proctor coverage or secured entryways 24 hours per day

Connections: Husky Cable, and ResNet

Lounges: A mixture of multimedia, and study lounges are located throughout the building in all 3 towers

Laundry facilities: Located on 2nd floor of North Tower, 14th floor of West Tower, and 22nd Floor of East Tower

Trash Room: Located on 1st floor of East and West Tower.

Vending machines: Snack machine in main lobby, snack and drink machines in 2nd floor and 14th floor West and 22nd floor East laundry rooms.

Elevator: Yes

Window shades: Yes, blinds.

Furniture provided: Bed, desk and chair, dresser, closet space for each resident. In some cases there is a wardrobe in place of an inset closet. Bedrooms are tiled.

Additional amenities: Central air conditioning (not activated during anticipated cold weather), International Village Dining Hall is located on the main level, and features dedicated dining facilities for those with food sensitivities/allergies, as well as those that observe Halal or Kosher diets.  International Village classrooms are located on the lower level.  The bamboo garden is fully enclosed garden courtyard on the 2nd floor & the cardiovascular and weight facility is located adjacent to it.  International Village is LEED Gold certified.  International Village has wireless internet throughout the building.  There is a network printer which students can access in the first floor lobby using their student print allowance.  There are also ping pong & pool tables throughout the building.

Mailing Address through ResMail:

The following images are here to represent examples of the room types in the above mentioned building. They are in no way the only room types present in the building, and are not architectural drawings.

Residence Directors Staff Office International Village NorthEast: International Village #110A
Office Hours: 10am-5pm
Phone: (617) 373-8005 

Residence Directors Staff Office International Village NorthWest: International Village #110E
Office Hours: 10am-5pm
Phone: (617) 373-7608

Resident Assistant Staff Office: International Village #110D
Office Hours: 7pm – 11pm
Phone: (617) 373-4164