Fall Move-In/Out

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Fall Move-in

depending on fall housing assignment

 Specific dates and times for Fall move-in will be sent to students over the summer based on room assignment, as well as information about how to request a date change. If possible, students should not book travel until they receive their official move-in date.

More details about fall move in will be posted here in July.

Fall Move-Out

Students Continuing in the same assignment for Spring

You have a continuing contract for Spring 2022 and do not need to move out over break. For more information about Winter Break see here. 

Students Moving Out for Spring

Students who do not have spring housing or are moving to a different space for Spring 2022 will need to move out at the end of the fall semester.

For students in classes: 24 hours after your last final exam or by December 17th at 7pm which ever comes first.

For students on co-op: December 29, 2021 by 9PM


There will be no non-Northeastern Student Guests allowed during Fall 2021 move-out. 

Moving Hampers

You will be able to check out a moving hamper to assist you. You will need to provide a government issued photo identification in order to check out a hamper (i.e. driver’s license or passport). Please be considerate of others and return your moving hamper as soon as possible. Only one hamper will be permitted per student so that all students have access to that support. 

Please return your moving hamper before the check-out station closes.  If you return your moving hamper after the check-out station has closed, you will need bring the hamper to the Residential Safety Office, located in the upper lobby of Speare Hall where you will retrieve your photo identification.

Please note: moving hampers and support will only be available on scheduled move-in days.

Parking Passes

Move-out days have date-specific parking and/or unloading passes and with bar codes or PIN numbers. Please print the correct parking and/or unloading pass for your move date and location here:

Please note: Please note: There is no parking available for oversized vehicles (over 6’8” including roof racks) or overnight parking.