Fall Move-In/Out

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Fall move-out

Are you moving off-campus for the Spring Term or changing rooms for the Spring Term? If you are you must move by 24 Hours after your final exam or by 7PM on December 13th. You must follow your hall staff’s move-out procedures and check-out appropriately. Failure to check out by hall staff’s move-out procedures may result in lost/discarded property, fines and/or judicial action.

Students must complete the following prior to being checked out of their bedspace by a member of the Housing & Residential Life staff:

Remove all belongings
Throw away all trash/food
Clean your bedspace
Once everything has been removed from their room, the student must check out of their space with a member of Housing & Residential Life by December 13th. A Resident Assistant will then check the condition of their bedroom and apartment (if applicable) noting any damage. In keyed buildings, the RA will take the students keys and lock the bedroom.

Moving Hampers are available on scheduled moving days. A hamper schedule will be posted here closer to move-out,

On non-scheduled days a limited number of Hampers are available in the Housing Office in Speare Hall on a first come, first served basis during office hours.


Parking Pass (pdf) will be provided here closer to move out. 

Parking will be  available with valid move-out hangtag (pdf above) on a first come first served basis. Specific lot information will be posted closer to move out. There is no overnight parking. 


Are you living in an Upperclassmen Residence Hall (including International Village)?

If you are currently living in an Upperclass Residence Hall and are remaining in the same room for the Spring term, you will be able to access your room during the winter break.

Are you changing rooms between the Fall and Spring terms?

If you have a continuous contract to remain on campus for the following term and you are switching rooms will follow the above move out dates. If you are changing rooms between the Fall and Spring terms must move out by December 13th and move-in during their scheduled January move-in date.

Are you living in a First Year Residence Hall?

First Year Halls close for Winter Break on Friday, December 13th at 7pm

  • Some first year halls will stay open through Winter Break. 
  • If you need winter break housing or would like to request to leave past December 13th you need to fill out the Winter Break Survey. Please fill out this form, even if you live in one of the halls. All Requests after the form has closed should be directed to your Building Staff.
  • Note: Your request to stay when the buildings are closed may require you to relocated temporarily to an open building.

Dining Hall schedules during winter break will be different. Please check the schedules listed.

First Year Halls will re-open on Sunday, January 5th at Noon

Fall Move-in

Fall 2019: August 29th, 30th, 31st, and September 2, depending on fall housing assignment

In preparation for your move:

  • Please check your assignment letter over the summer (mail or email versions) or your Housing Online under “Room and Roommate Information” for your specific move-in date and time. Moving information is provided by day for you in your mailing and in the links listed below.
  • A parking pass is included on the back cover of your move-in mailing. Please complete all of the information requested and hang it on your rear view mirror prior to your arrival to campus. Please note:  There is a limit of one vehicle per student in order to reduce congestion. Additionally, there is no parking available for oversize vehicles.  Renaissance Garage and Columbus Garage both have clearance of 6’8″.
  • Be aware of the on-street parking regulations around campus, as you will be responsible for any parking violations that occur outside of the designated parking areas.
  • Check out our Moving to Campus Brochure 2019-2020 (PDF) for lots of helpful campus information!

One of our goals for the move-in process is to keep vehicles off of the street as much as possible. It is important that you follow the steps provided for your specific building in order to keep things running smoothly for yourself and others!

If you are not living with us during the Summer II session, you will receive a packet in the mail in mid-August with detailed information about your unloading, parking, and check-in locations. This packet will also include your move-in parking pass. If you need a reminder about your assigned move-in date/time, please search your Husky mail for an e-mail from our office regarding your housing assignment as your move-in information was included in that e-mail. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at housing@northeastern.edu.


Students with domestic addresses are being mailed move-in packets. For an electronic copy and additional day specific moving information, links will be provided here for your move-in day later in the summer.

August 27th (OGS and Late Orientation)
August 29th
August 30th
August 31st
September 2nd

Students Living in 1065 Tremont Street will move in on September 3rd from 3-9pm. 

*Move-in support services, including hampers, ramps, and parking, may not be available for arrivals outside of the fall move-in dates (August 27th, 29th, 30th, 31st, September 2nd). If you are arriving as part of a pre-approved group, check with your group contact person about arrangements they have made. Additionally, those requesting an alternate date within the regular fall move-in schedule may not have move-in support services, including hampers, at their building location. 

If you are are moving off Campus:

You must contact your current Residence Director to secure a move out date and time. Failure to check out by the pre-established deadline may result in lost/discarded property, fines and/or a student conduct violation.

You must complete the following prior to being checked out of your bedspace by a member of the Housing & Residential Life staff:

  • Remove all belongings
  • Throw away all trash/food
  • Clean your bedspace

Once everything has been removed from their room, the student must check out of their space with a member of Housing & Residential Life on the date previously coordinated with their Residence Director. A Resident Assistant will then check the condition of their bedroom and apartment (if applicable) noting any damage. In keyed buildings, the RA will take the students keys and lock the bedroom.

Please note: There is no consolidation housing offered between the end of Summer II 2019, August 20th through September 1st. If you are moving off campus at the end of Summer II, you must make the appropriate arrangements and secure your own space off campus by the final date of Summer housing on August 20th. If you have a lease that begins August 1st, please contact housing@northeastern.edu about prorating your Summer II housing. There are no exceptions as our Fall 2019 move-in cycle begins promptly after Summer II.

If you are moving to a new assignment for Fall 2019:

You will be assigned a move-to/from date in August by your Summer and Fall Residence Directors. Students remaining in university housing in Boston from one semester to the next have a continuous contract. Continuing contract students may remain on campus between semesters. Current and future building staff will reach out to students who need to move between semesters via their Husky email regarding the move-to-from process. More information can be found HERE.

****Any student with a continuous contract will NOT follow Summer II move out dates if they are scheduled to move to a new room. Students that fall into this category should NOT make travel plans to leave campus until they confirm their move-in date with their future building staff. This information is not available until the end of each term.

If you have the same assignment for Summer II and Fall 2019:

You can stay in your space through the intersession period.

Would you like to change you move-in date?

Click Here for more information.

Move-in days have date-specific parking hang tags that you will receive via US mail if you are a domestic student. A pdf version is available here prior to move in. 

Please note:  There is no parking available for oversized vehicles.  Renaissance Garage and Columbus Garage both have clearance of 6'8".

Directions to Campus:

To facilitate the flow of traffic for Move-In Days we have developed these motor vehicle directions to the University unloading / parking facilities.  Depending on your assigned residence hall and where you are directed to park, you will either unload your motor vehicle at the parking location, or be asked to relocate the vehicle to a parking location after the vehicle has been unloaded. In the event that you are asked to relocate your vehicle to a University  parking facility, you will be provided with the directions to that facility upon your arrival. Please follow these directions when approaching the University.

Click on the following for printable directions

  • Directions from the South: Click Here (.pdf)
  • Directions from the North: Click Here (.pdf)
  • Directions from the West via Mass Pike: Click Here (.pdf)
  • Directions from the West via Route 9: Click Here (.pdf)
  • Directions to the Forsyth Lot – Across the street from 209 Hemenway: Click Here(.pdf)
  • Directions to Forsyth Street Curbside: Click Here (pdf)
  • Directions to Hastings/East Village Queue: Click Here (pdf)
  • Directions to Renaissance Park Surface Lot/International Village Queue: Click Here (pdf)

Arriving by ride share like Uber or Lyft?

  • If you are arriving with numerous pieces of luggage, bags, or packages please plan to be dropped off near your designated unloading location where moving resources will be available.
  • If you are arriving with only a couple pieces of luggage, bags, or packages and do not intend to utilize moving resources, please you may plan to be dropped off near your designated check-in location. 

You will be able to check out a moving hamper to assist you. You will need to provide a government issued photo identification in order to check out a hamper (i.e. driver’s license or passport). Please be considerate of others and return your moving hamper as soon as possible. Only one hamper will be permitted per student/family, so that all students have access to that support. 

If you are arriving on your scheduled date, please report to your unload location to access the scheduled support services, including hampers. If you are arriving outside of your scheduled time, click here.

Please return your moving hamper before the check-out station closes.  If you return your moving hamper after the check-out station has closed, you will need bring the hamper to the Residential Safety Office, located in the upper lobby of Speare Hall where you will retrieve your photo identification.

Please note: moving hampers and support will only be available on scheduled move-in days.

Are any activities planned the night of my arrival?

Yes! Welcome Week is a week dedicated to our new incoming students (both freshmen and transfers) in which we provide an array of academic and social programs, and a host of opportunities to explore and experience your new campus and community. For additional program information as well as information on downloading a mobile app, visit HERE after August 1.

Upperclassmen, there are activities planned for you to do as well! Visit the Center for Student Involvement website for more information!

Where can I get a new Husky Card?

If you need a new Husky Card, you can obtain one upon your arrival to campus. There will be posted information located throughout campus regarding specific locations.

Where can I go to get my computer serviced?

The ResNet Resource Center provides a wide range of services. You will receive a detailed packet when you check into your residence hall.

What is “I AM HERE” and what do I need to do?

“I Am Here” is the official registration for classes. You are required to register through myNortheastern prior to the start of class. You will receive more information about the process when you arrive to campus.

Are you moving into or out of off-campus housing on September 1?

Click here for off-campus September 1 move-in information!

Fall Move-in is Saturday, August 24th between 9am to 11pm. 

Here is your check-in location and your building staff information if you have any questions: 

  • 335 Huntington Avenue – Dan Palmateer is your Area Coordinator and his e-mail address is d.palmateer@northeastern.edu. The staff office for check-in is located in lobby of Light Hall #129 (81-83 St. Stephen Street, Boston, MA 02115).

  • 768 Columbus Avenue – Daniel Minchoff is your Area Coordinator and his e-mail address is   d.minchoff@northeastern.edu.  The staff office for check-in is located in Davenport A #115 (700 Columbus Avenue, Boston MA 02120).

    Parking is at Columbus Parking Garage, 795 Columbus Avenue, Boston MA 02120 with the parking pass in the parking section above.