Director of Residential Life
Brie McCormick
email: b.mccormick@northeastern.edu
phone: 617.373.2814

On behalf of the Department of Residential Life, I welcome you to our webpage. Whatever the reason for your visit, you will find helpful links and other information that will give insight into the many programs and activities within our department. We are committed to the development of our students, the provision of excellent customer service as well as a learning environment of the highest quality. We look to advance diversity and inclusion as well as social responsibility. We view this as the best way to facilitate learning and academic success. I invite you to explore our website and see all that Northeastern Residential Life has to offer. Thank you for your interest in our website and our program.

Associate Director of Residential Life
Kara Curcio
email: k.curcio@northeastern.edu
phone: 617.373.2814


Assistant Director of Residential Life
Rose Colucci
email: r.colucci@northeastern.edu
phone: 617.373.2814
Assistant Director of Residential Life
David Grimes
email: d.grimes@northeastern.edu
phone: 617.373.2814
Assistant Director of Residential Life
Jason Kistler
email: j.kistler@northeastern.edu
phone: 617.373.2814
Facilities Operations Manager
Mark Roffi
email: m.roffi@northeastern.edu
phone: 617.373.2814
Administrative Assistant
Danielle Fair
phone: 617.373.7515