Housing Application & Selection

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Application Process

Please contact the Housing Office with any questions. Students receive all e-mail communication to their Husky e-mail account with the information that pertains to them.


First-year students live in one of our popular Living Learning Communities (LLCs), themed housing environments that connect students of similar academic and personal interests. LLCs are a great way to enrich your academic experience outside the classroom and to form long-lasting bonds with other students who share the same values and enjoy the same activities. After your first year, you are guaranteed university housing if you  follow any application and deposit deadlines.

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Once you have set up your myNortheastern and paid your enrollment deposit (which includes the housing deposit) you will be able to fill out the Housing Application under Self Service and Housing Online. It can take 24-48 hours from when you pay your deposit to have access to Housing Online. As long as you have paid the enrollment deposit by the May 9th you will be able to fill out the housing application.

Term Application Date Assignment Date
Spring  NUin Preference Due November 3rd mid-December
Fall  May 1, 2017 mid-June and throughout the Summer, in deposit date order.


 Housing for transfer students is not guaranteed or required.

Incoming Transfer Students

If housing is available upon your acceptance, please speak with undergraduate admissions on the process of securing a space at that time.

Continuing Transfer Students

After your first semester, please refer to the Upperclassmen Application and Selection Process listed below.


If you were admitted as a traditional first year you are required to live in university housing for your first two years.

The chart below is meant as an overview of our processes. Please click on the specific term for more information.

Application Due Selection
Fall & Spring
December  January  March 
Students who do not choose a room through Fall Selection will be assigned through the PAWS process throughout the summer.
NUterm  December  March  April 
Summer II December  January Preference Form
Spring 2018
(Students NOT in Boston for Fall)
December  January  October

Upperclassmen (THIRD YEAR+)

The chart below is meant as an overview of our processes. Please click on the specific term for more information.

Application Posted Application Due Deposit
Deposit Amount Selection Dates
Fall & Spring
December  January  February $200 February-March
Students with a selection number who do not choose a room through Fall Selection will be assigned through the PAWS process throughout the summer.
Summer I December January* February* $200  April
Summer II December January* March* $200 Preference
Form May
Spring 2018 
(Students NOT in Boston for Fall 2017)
December 15, 2016 January 20, 2017* February 13, 2017* $200 October 2017
*Deposits and Applications due but are accepted on a rolling basis until we reach capacity at which point students will be added to a waitlist.

For information on our cancellation policies please see here.



Housing is available for full-time students enrolled in a grad/law program at Northeastern. Graduate/Law housing space is limited. Northeastern does not provide accommodations for the College of Professional Studies – CPS, married couples, spousal equivalents, or dependent children. The majority of our grad/law students do not live in university housing.  You may obtain information about alternative housing from Off Campus Student Services (website e-mail:  offcampus@northeastern.edu call: 617-373-8480)

Apply For Graduate/ Law Housing Spring/Summer 2017:

Please note, if you are interested in Graduate or Law Housing for the 2016-2017 academic year, we are currently on a waitlist.  If you would like to add your name to the waitlist, please complete the application to add yourself. If you are a newly admitted or returning graduate student for Summer 2017, we are currently on a waitlist for summer housing. Please contact our office if you are interested in being added to the waitlist.

Graduate and Law Housing for 2017-2018 Academic Year:

This process will start first week in April. Graduate/Law Students who would like to apply for university housing for the Fall 2017 semester/quarter must submit a housing application by May 31st. Anyone who applies after the May 31st deadline, will automatically be placed at the end of the housing waitlist. Please indicate on the application all the terms for which you wish to apply. You will be asked to accept the terms and condition of the Residence Hall and License Agreement before being allowed to complete your housing application. This agreement commits you to abide by our residence hall policies as well as the cancellation deadlines.

Graduate and Law Assignment Process

For students who have completed the application by May 31st:

  • Housing applications will be randomly selected through a computer-generated program. Students will either receive an offer for housing or be placed on a waitlist for housing.
  • All students who applied will be notified of their application status in early June.
  • Students who receive an offer for housing will be required to submit non-refundable $200 housing deposits for the terms they requested.
  • Waitlist students will be provided with information about the process and next steps, as well as off-campus housing alternatives.

At the time you receive your assignment letter, you will be provided with details of your move-in date and time.

Graduate/Law Students Currently Living in University Housing

Graduate/Law students who lived in University Housing for the 2016-2017 semesters/quarters are guaranteed housing for the upcoming year, provided they complete the application, sign the license agreement and submit their housing deposit(s) prior to May 1st, 2017.

Deposit Amounts for  Academic Year

Graduate Deposits Law Deposits

Fall – $200

Spring- $200

Summer I- $200

Summer II- $200

Fall – $200

Winter- $200

Spring- $200

Summer – $200