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The Smart Sensors and Materials Cluster works with industrial and academic partners to design, develop and manufacture product prototypes of smart sensors and advanced materials based on the nanoscale printing technologies.

Industrial & Federal Research Funding

Research Funding for Capital

$3.0M in MTC Funds for capital investment

  • Northeastern – Nanoscale Printing/ Manufacturing Systems
  • Northeastern – Laser / flash annealing manufacturing system
  • Northeastern – Asher for oxygen plasma treatment
  • Northeastern – Dip-coating system
  • Northeastern – 3D Optical microscope for characterization of sensors
  • Northeastern – cleanroom
  • U-Mass Boston – Adiabatic demagnetization for characterization
  • Tufts – CVD tool for creating 2-D materials, such as graphene
  • Tufts – Nanoindenter/Micromanipulator for characterization
  • Atomic force microcopy, optical profilometer
  • Second generation advanced manufacturing / prototyping system for sensors & materials
  • Fume hoods, sinks, and built-in lab infrastructure