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CSSM Members and Partners Support Programs at Northeastern University

CSSM Membership Agreement Form  



Membership Categories:

Strategic Partners:               An annual commitment of at least $60,000

Institutional Partners:          An annual commitment of at least $40,000

Institutional Members:        An annual commitment of $10,000 (or $5,000 for small businesses)


All Institutional Members enjoy:

  • Ability to propose research topics
  • Access to selected research equipment and testbed facilities
  • Facilitation of and/or participation in joint proposal opportunities
  • Access to faculty experts and their knowledge base
  • Access to students associated with the CSSM, including graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and undergraduate and graduate coops, interns and fellows
  • Access to short courses, workshops, meetings and conferences
  • Ability to hire trained graduates as COOPs before graduation
  • Access to research and development results up to 6 months before publication


Partners at $40,000 level and above enjoy these additional benefits:

  • Access to non-proprietary information
  • A seat on the CSSM Industrial Advisory Board to influence research directions.
  • Immediate access to Intellectual Property: non-exclusive, royalty-free research licenses for the use of existing CSSM IP for internal, non-commercial purposes.


Strategic Partners Membership Specific Benefit Details:

In addition to the above, staragtigic partners can:

  • Guide the research directions for their membership fees
  • Royalty-free research licenses for the use of existing CSSM technologies for internal, non-commercial purposes and priority access to new patents associated with paid fees.


Membership fees may be used toward the following:

Members can direct a portion of the membership to:

  1. Targeted proprietary research ($40K or more)
  2. Targeted non-proprietary research-consortium ($20K or more)
  3. On-site educational seminar on topic chosen by company ($5K or more)
  4. Technical consulting, such as process technology implementation ($5K or more)
  5. Facilities user fees ($5K or more)