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About CSSM

The Advanced Nanomanufacturing Cluster for Smart Sensors and Materials (CSSM)

The CSSM uses a patented and disruptive technology for printing nano and microelectronics and sensors. The technology costs 10 to 100 times less than conventional fabrication. The printing technology costs 10 to 100 times less than conventional fabrication and can print circuits a 1000 times smaller (down to 20nm) and a 1000 times faster than inkjet or 3D printing. The CSSM also utilizes the world’s first and only fully automated printing systems for printing nanoelectronics and sensors.

The CSSM works with industry and government partners to print their sensor and electronics applications on rigid or flexible substrates. The printing system is used to print smart chemical and biosensors as well as industrial sensors for harsh environments. Other printed applications include power electronics, consumer electronics including personal or large display, memory, medical and fitness based sensors.


Proposed Cluster Activities:

1.Design, develop and manufacture product prototypes based on technologies using smart sensors and advanced materials.

2. Improve physical infrastructure, including purchase of instruments and equipment for materials characterization and testing of products

3. Design and Build 2nd generation NanoOPS that had the ability to print on any substrate.

4. Workforce development, such as seminars and workforce training programs to introduce and expose highly educated work force that are currently out of the job market.

5. Study advanced materials and product life cycle sustainability to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations.


For further information about the Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing please visit our website.