Room Rates

2015 - 2016 Rates

There are plenty of unique living options for students all across campus and rates will vary depending on a student’s preference in size and locality. Explore some options below and find a rate that’s right for you.

All rates below reflect the cost per semester.

Traditional Residence Hall (first years)

    • Standard Double: $4,005
    • Standard Triple: $3,745
    • Standard Single: $4,580 (limited availability)
    • Economy Quad: $2,965 (limited availability)
    • Economy Triple: $3,205 (limited availability)
    • Economy Double: $3,660

Semi-private Suite Style (for both first years and upper-class students)

    • International Village Single: $5,100
    • International Village Double: $4,360

Upper-class Apartment Style

    • Economy Single Bedroom: $4,860
    • Economy Double Bedroom: $3,875
    • Economy Triple Apartment: $3,355
    • Standard One Bedroom Apartment: $6,825**
    • Standard Studio Single Apartment: $6,480
    • Standard Single Bedroom: $5,290
    • Standard Double Bedroom: $4,480
    • Standard Studio Double: $4,135 (Studio apartments do not have living rooms)
    • Enhanced Studio Single Apartment: $6,645 (Studio apartments do not have living rooms)
    • Enhanced Single Bedroom: $6,205
    • Enhanced Double Bedroom: $5,515
    • Enhanced Studio Double: $5,410 (Studio apartments do not have living rooms)

Downloadable Rate Charts:

**Designated spaces are reserved for students with classified & documented Housing Accommodations only.

Rates are always subject to final approval and are subject to change.