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Honoring and Remembering Dean Gregory T. Ricks

By September 3, 20207 Comments

Honoring and Remembering Dean Gregory T. Ricks one of the Institute’s most Transformational Directors – Dr. Greg Ricks served as Dean and Director of the Institute from 1972 through 1976. When he returned to the United States and the Boston area, after working several years in South Africa, he returned to the Institute to connect with the Institute staff.  As he has always done over the years he shared ideas and strategies for serving students.

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  • Dean served as the Institute Director for my entire time at Northeastern. I came in 1972 and graduated in 1976. The Institute during his leadership was my respite during the 4 years. He was always on point and I took just about every course they offered and it framed my identify in “ blackness “ that still remains. My condolence to the family ! He will always be remembered in my heart. Power to the People!

  • Marcia Smith-Jones says:

    We were so blessed to have had the opportunity at Northeastern to have Dr. Ricks. Look at all his accomplishments since he left us and the legacy he’s left at NU. We were so fortunate as it was such a special time. He leaves legacies from the United Nations to South Africa to Stanford … this is definitely a life well lived. Thank you Richard for bringing this to our attention. Our college years were a special time, Dr Ricks was a special man, northeastern is a special place and we are so Blessed to have been there at that time. Please except condolences from the class of 1979 to Dr. Ricks’ family and friends. He’s left a strong legacy. Thank you and God bless.
    Marcia Smith

  • Pamela Bates Thomas says:

    As an alumna of Northeastern who attended from1970-75, I was blessed to have been a recipient of the guidance of the intellectual genius in the person of Dean Greg Ricks. Dean Ricks was a true humanitarian whose priority and focus was always the African American students at Northeastern and anyone who attended at that time knew that very well. He was a great gift to us and was there to celebrate us and our heritage through turbulence and racial times in Boston. He continued to be a powerful Leader in the world. I will always remembered the big brotherly kiss on the cheek from him as I walked across the stage to receive the Northeastern Diploma! God Bless Him Into Eternity!!!!

  • Anita Marsh says:

    Dean Ricks was instrumental in the development and implementation of the African American Institute and Studies department. His role was notable as the 70s were following the Civil Rights Movement’s changes and Voting Rights. Black students presence on the Northeastern campus increased and strong leadership was needed to ensure we got what we needed to learn and grow ; Greg Ricks guided us in our endeavors both personally, academically, and professionally. He will always be part of our hearts and minds and perhaps more important Northeastern’s Black legacy. My years in Boston, 1974-1979, are memorable because of Black leadership, Black engagement, and lifelong friends now family.

    Rest in power Dean Ricks. Thank you for all that you did for our people.

  • Robert Hampton says:

    Dean Rickd made me feel like I matter we had small class we had good talks and he gave us the forum to fly intellectual. Ironically he was the first black professor I met at northeastern. ( dr joe Warren) was second Good man. RIP

  • Hank Van Putten says:

    I’m Class if ‘74.
    I remember when Dean Ricks investigated and discovered that the majority of the financial aid for Black students was in the form of LOANS, whereas White students we’re getting the majority of their financial aid in GRANT form. I remember we ‘sat-in’ at the Financial Aid Office. And I remember that this University policy was CHANGED.
    Thank-you, Dean Ricks for providing us with the leadership needed at that moment in those times.
    Hank Van Putten

  • Mercedes Fuentes says:

    RIP his claim to fame as I saw it was his dissertation while @ Harvard on TIME Management., My take was we sleep too much
    and a little insomnia goes a very long way. Mr.
    Ricks will never be forgotten by all those he touched…
    Mercedes Fuentes

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