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The Office of Events and Operations plans and implements programs and activities for students, the university, and community audiences while managing the scheduling of conference rooms, the Amilcar Cabral Memorial Center, and events taking place at the John D. O’Bryant African American Institute. In addition, the office is dedicated to collaborating with student organizations to help orchestrate their events and the utilization of an array of services being offered by the JDOAAI.

Reserve Institute Space:

To reserve Institute space please review our Facility Reservation Policies.

After reviewing our Facility Reservation Policies please fill out the online Reservation Form.

[PLEASE NOTE: Your reservation will be confirmed by an email]

AAI Events

Risk Services Is Our Priority:

DISCLAIMER: If your event involves minors please contact the office of Risk Services

Event Communication Policies and Procedures:

To learn more about our event communication policies and procedures,  please read below as we ask that you include the following when sending your electronic event flyers to us for distribution. Please be mindful of the requests below as failure to do so can delay the circulation of your events. Please see below for full details and let us know if you have any questions.

  1.  We request that all event communication/flyers have the JDOAAI logo on them as a sponsor/co-sponsor if your student organization or departments receives any funding and/or support from the JDOAAI for your events (see below for logos). This includes monetary funding for food, drinks, games, decorations, equipment, speakers/performers, cups/plates/napkins/utensils; event space, etc.
  2. All event communication (flyer) must be submitted to or no later than 12:00pm on Thursday of the previous week your event is scheduled to take place. For example, if your event is scheduled for September 6th, flyers, with accompanying information, must be submitted by August 29th. E-mail blasts are scheduled to go out on Fridays.
  3. When submitting the flyers, please include the following in the body of the e-mail. Please write out the following in this format:
  • Event name:
  • Event date:
  • Event time:
  • Event location:
  • Event contact (if applicable):
  • Event blurb (should entail what the event is about):
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