Founded by Pro­fes­sor Den­nis Shaugh­nessy, the Social Enter­prise Fund enables the cre­ation of micro-businesses through impact­ful invest­ments to sup­port small busi­ness own­ers, micro­fi­nance asso­ciates and stu­dent led social ventures.  

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 Social Enter­prise Fund Accomplishments:

  • We have pro­vided over $140,000 in lend­ing cap­i­tal to gen­er­ate over 300 new busi­nesses in the Domini­can Repub­lic, result­ing in 432 micro-credit loans total
  • We have invested over $125,000 to pro­vide micro-equity grants to small busi­ness own­ers and entre­pre­neurs in South Africa, result­ing in over 600 hours in con­sult­ing ser­vice deliv­ery to the Cape Flats area
  • Our stu­dents have raised $75,000 through grass­roots ini­tia­tives to sup­port micro-development projects, from build­ing homes with Niall Mel­lon Town­ship Trust or work­ing on a com­mu­nity gar­den with Nue­stros Pequenos Her­manos