Join one of our project teams this semester…

ImpactoHelp women in Chiapas, Mexico receives fair and equitable compensation for their original weaving and designs. Many of these women have little to no education and are vulnerable to intellectual property theft from large companies like Zara or H&M. 

Aakar Innovations: Aakar Innovations specializes in low-cost sanitary pad factories. The factories provide a much-needed product and offer a means of employment for underserved communities. Currently, students are working on establishing a factory in the South African Township of Langa. 

Additive (3D Printing)Join our team as we teach 3D printing to high schoolers! Dearborn Stem Academy is a ten minute bus ride from campus, and we’ll probably be teaching either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 12-1pm. The day of the week will be decided in a few weeks. If you’ve never 3D printed before, don’t worry! It’ll only take a few hours to learn the basic design software and how the printer works. If you can’t make those times but are still interested, there is a social media position available. You’ll just need to post some photos & videos the media person is taking and reach out to some NU news outlets.

If you would like to get involved in any of these projects, please email