Biz Kids Citizens Schools’ apprenticeship aims to teach 8th grade students the concept of social entrepreneurship and the importance of working towards a socially-minded goal while still making profit. Throughout the semester, the students have learned about microfinance through a simulation of Grameen Bank’s group- lending model. They have studied a wide variety of socially conscious business models from Warby Parker to Root Capital, and have also developed branding for their own businesses.

This group of enthusiastic students was recently given the opportunity to visit a local social enterprise that empowers Boston’s struggling communities. Haley House was a welcoming host for the 8th grader. Students were very interested in Haley House’s organic-food system and also intrigued by their monthly community   program.  Despite all the great happenings at Haley House, what really captured the group’s attention were their amazing chocolate-chip cookies. Who could blame them? We spent a wonderful warm afternoon sharing knowledge, ideas and cookies!

As we near the close of another great semester, the students are prepping everything for our final event, which is the WOW! event. They’re in the process of designing and making their own products which will take place December 2nd on campus. The profits made from this sale will be invested in an entrepreneur’s business of their choice through The objective of these investments is for the student to experience first-hand how micro lending really works and understand how a little, can go a long way.

We are very excited to showcase our work and we hope that you can join us and see first hand how much this amazing group of students has learned about Social Entrepreneurship. See you soon!

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Photo from the 2013 WOW! event with Citizen Schools

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