Nele Groosman at the Paradigm Project

Nele Groosman, a graduate of International Affairs from Northeastern University, started a new job position eleven months ago in Kenya as a Market Research and Impact Assessment Coordinator at the Paradigm Project. The Paradigm Project is a social enterprise whose mission is to create sustainable economic, social and environmental value within developing world communities. They achieve this by selling fuel-efficient improved wood cooking stoves, which improve health, save time and money, empower women, help slow the rate of deforestation, and create jobs.

Nele is passionate about social entrepreneurship, job creation, women’s empowerment and life improvement of marginalized people in the Sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, her involvement in Africa started before her job in the Paradigm Project. In 2008, she was inspired by her experience during the field study program in South Africa with Professor Shaughnessy. Years later, she was program assistant in Kenya at the non-profit Flying Kites Global, a residential care center for orphans. Later on, she did a 6-week consultancy job at Bridge International Academies, a for-profit business whose mission is to revolutionize access to poor families across Africa. Finally, she became a volunteer program coordinator at GoodMakers Film, a non-profit that educates and empowers orphaned and vulnerable children in Nairobi’s slums.

Nele Groosman is just one of many great examples of how young people are making a difference in the world

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