Nurse Practitioner–Dentist Model for Primary Care (NPD Model)

Nurse Practitioner–Dentist Model for Primary Care

The Nurse Practitioner–Dentist Model for Primary Care (NPD Model) will bring nurse practitioner (NP) and dental students together to provide chairside primary care to the Harvard Dental Center Teaching Practices, 60% of whom lack a primary care provider. A $1.2 million cooperative agreement awarded by the Health Resources and Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, will fund the three-year effort to determine the effectiveness of integrated oral health and primary care delivery while helping students develop interprofessional collaborative practice competencies. Working side by side with their dental student peers, NP students will be taking blood pressure readings, testing blood sugar levels, asking patients about their chronic conditions and working with the dental students to educate patients on how to improve their oral and overall health. Patients over the age of 65 will also be offered an annual wellness visit that will evaluate them for such risks as falls, cognitive impairment and depression; offer counseling on weight management, tobacco use and other aspects of wellness; and provide referrals for additional medical care and community services as needed.

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Dr. Maria Dolce
Principal Investigator

Jessica Holloman, MS, BSDH
Program Director

Chantelle Marshall
Adult Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Christine Riedy
Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Dr. Lisa Simon
Harvard School of Dental Medicine