STEM Videos

As part of our research to improve STEM curriculum for K-12 education, college education, and adult learning, we have focused on visual learning tools including videos and animation.  We have been fortunate to work with excellent collaborators and students in producing a range of STEM videos.


Crash Course: Engineering

Crash Course: Engineering was produced in collaboration with Crash Course and PBS Digital.  All 46 episodes explain some aspect of engineering.

crashcourse title card - 1


Student-Produced Videos

The following videos were produced by students as projects for a curriculum construction assignment.

Fluid Mechanics:


Viscosity video by Bona Kim and Nick Stomper

Pressure and Barometers video by Lily Huynh

Stress and Strain video by Fatima Nolasco and Anthony Hou

Fluid Flow Shell Balances down a slope video by Nadine Kuhn, Andi Roman, and Taryn Sparacino

Fluid Flow Shell Balances in a pipe video by Patrick Daley

Heat Transfer


Heat Transfer/Shell Balances music video by Courtney Cavanaugh, Heather Leahy, Anila Mehta, and Sarah Sidd

Heat Transfer in 5 Minutes illlustrated video by Wil Medeiros

Heat Transfer Overview video by Zerlina Goodman-Lahz

Conduction / Convection / Thermal Resistance / Boiling video  by Aidan Hawkins, Lindsay Perrea, and Christina Pothier

Boiling / Conduction / Convection cooking video by Surabhi Godbole, Lauren Graham, Bradley Priem and Samantha Roman

Transport Geographic video by Eric Eisdorfer and Ulpiano Flores

Problem Solving:

Conduction/Convection Problem Solving video by Liam Gordon and Elizabeth LaMacchia

Composite Layers Calculation video by Avi Natan and Katie Spengler


Fins Music Video by Brooke Allison and Myria Scott

Heat Exchangers:

Heat Exchangers stop animation video by Liyutha Al Ismaili and Balqees Al Qassimi

Heat Exchangers video by Katharine Jessen and Liam Norton