STEM Videos

As part of our research to improve STEM curriculum for K-12 education, college education, and adult learning, we have focused on visual learning tools including videos and animation.  We have been fortunate to work with excellent collaborators and students in producing a range of STEM videos.


Crash Course: Engineering

Crash Course: Engineering was produced in collaboration with Crash Course and PBS Digital.  All 46 episodes explain some aspect of engineering.

crashcourse title card - 1


Student-Produced Videos

The following videos were produced by students as projects for a curriculum construction assignment.

Heat Transfer Overview:

Heat Transfer/Shell Balances music video by Courtney Cavanaugh, Heather Leahy, Anila Mehta, and Sarah Sidd.

Heat Transfer in 5 Minutes illlustrated video by Wil Medeiros

Heat Transfer Overview video by Zerlina Goodman-Lahz

Conduction / Convection / Thermal Resistance / Boiling video  by Aidan Hawkins, Lindsay Perrea, and Christina Pothier

Boiling / Conduction / Convection cooking video by Surabhi Godbole, Lauren Graham, Bradley Priem and Samantha Roman

Transport Geographic video by Eric Eisdorfer and Ulpiano Flores

Problem Solving:

Conduction/Convection Problem Solving video by Liam Gordon and Elizabeth LaMacchia

Composite Layers Calculation video by Avi Natan and Katie Spengler

Heat Exchangers:

Heat Exchangers stop animation video by Liyutha Al Ismaili and Balqees Al Qassimi

Heat Exchangers video by Katharine Jessen and Liam Norton