Crash Course: Engineering

We collaborated with Crash Course and PBS Digital to create Crash Course: Engineering, a series of 46 videos covering all of engineering!  We served as the engineering consultant, producing the course syllabus, and advising on all writing, video and animation.

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Below is a brief topic listing that you can use to jump to any specific video.

Engineering Overview
1) What is Engineering?
2) Civil Engineering overview
3) Mechanical Engineering overview
4) Electrical Engineering overview
5) Chemical Engineering overview
6) Biomedical and Industrial Engineering overview

Conservation and Thermodynamics
7) Laws of Conservation
8) Thermodynamics: Reversibility and Irreversibility
9) Thermodynamics: 0th and 1st Law
10) Thermodynamics: 2nd Law
11) Thermodynamics: Engines, Refrigerators, and Cycles

12) Fluid Mechanics overview
13) Applied Fluid Mechanics
14) Heat Transfer overview
15) Applied Heat Transfer
16) Mass Transfer overview
17) Applied Mass Transfer

18) Materials: Properties
19) Materials: Metals and Ceramics
20) Materials: Polymers
21) Materials: Electric Power and Conductors
22) Materials: Semiconductors
23) Materials: Nanomaterials
24) Materials: Biomaterials

25) Process Control
26) Statics and Dynamics
27) Ethics
28) Safety

Applied Engineering
29) Environmental Engineering
30) Applied Engineering: Renewable Energy
31) Applied Engineering: Further Energy Resources
32) Applied Engineering: Batteries
33) Applied Engineering: Robots
34) Aerospace Engineering
35) Computer Engineering
36) Applied Bioengineering: Drug Discovery and Health
37) Applied Bioengineering: Biodevices
38) Applied Bioengineering: Genetic Engineering
39) Food Engineering
40) Geotechnical Engineering
41) Transportation Engineering
42) Applied Engineering: Communications and Signal Processing
43) Marine Engineering

Design and Careers
44) Engineering Design
45) How To Become An Engineer
46) The Future of Engineering