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Student leaders across Northeastern are invited to apply to join the Spring LIBRE Collective! Designed for students, LIBRE (Leading Inclusion and Belonging with Resources and Education) is a series of workshops, hosted by the Cultural Life Education Team, that will complement the development and deepening of a justice oriented intercultural lens to creating a community of belonging for Northeastern students. Workshop offerings can be taken as individual one offs to expand knowledge in a particular topic area or in sequential order with a cohort of learners to acquire a LIBRE Collective badge. The deadline to apply is:

As outcomes of this program, students will be able to:

1. Critically reflect on their multiple identities and confront their social positions in the systems we navigate.
2. Expand foundational knowledge and skills to engage interculturally and authentically with the Northeastern student community and work toward systems change.
3. Develop a social justice and identity conscious lens and adopt justice-oriented values through a theory to practice action project.

Intended audience:

1. Northeastern student leaders of organizations and initiatives

2. Northeastern students interested in becoming peer educators of social justice frameworks and identity-based leadership development.

Please select the workshops you are interested in attending below so that we can plan on your attendance.

NU PLACE is envisioned as a vibrant hub encompassing all programs, resources, and services in the Northeastern University global ecosystem that address the intersection of career and identity.