Non-Resident Sticker

Massachusetts Non Resident sticker:

The University is by law required to notify all non Massachusetts Undergraduate students of the following requirements:

“Every nonresident enrolled on a full time basis as an undergraduate student at a school or college in the commonwealth, who lives in the commonwealth, whether on campus or off campus while enrolled in such school or college  and who operates a motor vehicle registered in another state or country during  any period beginning on September the first of any year and ending on August the thirty-first of the following year shall file with such school or college on a form approved by the Registry of Motor Vehicles a statement under penalties of perjury.”

The statement for which the student would complete if they are bringing a non Massachusetts registered vehicle would include the following information:

  • Registration Number and Make/Model/State/Country of the vehicle being operated in Massachusetts.
  • Name and Address of the Owner
  • Name and Address of all insures providing liability insurance coverage for the vehicle.
  • Coverage minimums are
    • “At least $20,000 coverage for injury or death to one person and $40,000 coverage for injury or death to more than one person.
    • “Policy must provide indemnity for any operator of this vehicle while being operated with the express or implied consent of the owner”.
  • Legal residence of the operator as well as a school residence address.

Any such nonresidents who fails to comply with the above provisions shall be punished by a fine of not more than $200.  Upon completion of the above statement the student would obtain a nonresident sticker to display on their vehicle.


Below are some commonly asked questions:



What does the state require of the University?

The University is required to notify all non-Massachusetts resident students of the Massachusetts requirements on bringing Non-Massachusetts registered vehicles to the state.  And provide the students the ability to obtain a non-resident sticker.

Is there a fee associated with the non-resident sticker?


Are there any entitlements or benefits to the non-resident sticker?

There are no entitlements.  It will prevent you from being fined by RMV for not having a nonresident sticker.

When and where will I be able to acknowledge receipt of the law and be able to register a vehicle?

Beginning mid-August of each year when you log on to myNEU you will be presented with the law and given an option to apply for the non-resident sticker.

If I do not bring a vehicle to campus do I have to obtain a non-resident sticker for cars that visit me?


Does the non-resident sticker allow you to park in the resident parking in the streets?


If I register my car with Massachusetts, am I allowed to park in residential areas in the city of Boston?

No. City resident parking rules apply.

Why do I have to register my car with the state?

The state wants to make sure that you have acknowledged you have proper insurance.

Do I need a nonresident sticker if I am NOT going to park on campus?

If your car has an out of state license plate you will need a nonresident sticker whether you decide to park on campus or not.

If I am a non Mass resident student but my vehicle has a Massachusetts plate and registration do I need a nonresident sticker?

No.  Any vehicle with a Mass plate has the required amount of insurance coverage.  You will however be notified of the law requirements and a hold placed on your portal account annually.  Simply choose the no out of state vehicle option when prompted.

If I have an NU parking permit do I still need a nonresident sticker?

If your car has an out of state license plate you will need a nonresident sticker whether you decide to park on campus or not.


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