Safety & Assistance

Protect your property by leaving valuable items (GPS, cell ,laptop, backpacks) by storing your valuables in your vehicle’s trunk, under the seat or take them with you. Help prevent theft of your property and possible damage to your vehicle.

For vehicle assistance, contact the University Police at 617-373-2121.

They have limited resources to provide motor vehicle assistance, but can provide you with information on local services. To avoid having your vehicle towed, inform police if it is disabled and will need to be left on campus overnight.

You may request an escort to your car by a Public Safety Officer.
Call Campus Police at 617-373-2121 for this service. All parking facilities are monitored and patrolled by security personnel and Northeastern police during normal operating hours. Additional information can be found on the Public Safety Division website:

Division of Public Safety:
EMERGENCY Telephone Number: 617-373-3333 
or Extension 3333 from any campus phone.

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