Generally Available (October 2, 2020)
Number of users: 300, number of teams: 65 (September 2022)

Wireless Network Emulator

256 software-defined radios (SDRs) to emulate up to 65,536 100 MHz-RF channels

AI Playground

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with hardware-in-the-loop support

Spectrum Sharing

Supports repeatable research on dynamic spectrum sharing


Create custom scenarios and terrains

Prototyping Platform

Emulate in a repeatable environment before experimenting in the wild over PAWR platforms

Open RAN

Researchers can experiment at scale on the Open RAN with Colosseum


Useful Links

Experiments Portal

Accessible through Colosseum VPN



Colosseum is a wireless emulator with 256 programmable software radios. It enables academic, government, and industry researchers to perform scalable and repeatable experimentation in wireless systems in a large-scale emulation environment. Learn more about Colosseum.


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National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation

Colosseum is supported by the NSF under grant CNS-1925601

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Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

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Mitre Corporation

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Massachusetts Technology Collaborative