Generally Available (October 2, 2020)
Number of users: 214, number of teams: 35 (October 2021)

Wireless Network Emulator

256 software-defined radios (SDRs) to emulate up to 65,536 100 MHz-RF channels

AI Playground

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with hardware-in-the-loop support

Spectrum Sharing

Supports repeatable research on dynamic spectrum sharing


Create custom scenarios and terrains

Prototyping Platform

Emulate in a repeatable environment before experimenting in the wild over PAWR platforms


Researchers can access Colosseum through open APIs


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Colosseum is a wireless emulator with 256 programmable software radios. It enables academic, government, and industry researchers to perform scalable and repeatable experimentation in wireless systems in a large-scale emulation environment. Learn more about Colosseum.

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National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation

Colosseum is supported by the NSF under grant CNS-1925601

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

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Mitre Corporation