Aravind Eye Care System

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The Gift of Sight Muthu is a poor 60-year old man in a vil­lage in the Siva­ganga dis­trict with seven chil­dren. Ten years ago, he sus­tained a blow to his right eye that caused severe dam­age on the inner por­tion of his eye. Due to lack of aware­ness regard­ing avail­able eye care facil­i­ties and neg­li­gence to …
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Dis­ease Con­trol Tex­tiles Vester­gaard Frand­sen is a Europe-based inter­na­tional com­pany spe­cial­iz­ing in com­plex emer­gency response and dis­ease con­trol prod­ucts. It is guided by a unique Human­i­tar­ian Entre­pre­neur­ship busi­ness model, whose “profit for a pur­pose” approach has turned human­i­tar­ian respon­si­bil­ity into its core business.      

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Loans that change lives Kiva’s mis­sion is to con­nect peo­ple, through lend­ing, for the sake of alle­vi­at­ing poverty. Kiva empow­ers indi­vid­u­als to lend to an entre­pre­neur across the globe. By com­bin­ing micro-finance with the inter­net, Kiva is cre­at­ing a global com­mu­nity of peo­ple con­nected through lend­ing.     A Fist­ful Of Dol­lars — The Story of a …
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Institute for One World Health

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Ful­fill­ing the Promise of Med­i­cine for the Devel­op­ing World The Insti­tute for OneWorld Health devel­ops safe, effec­tive, and afford­able new med­i­cines for peo­ple with infec­tious dis­eases in the devel­op­ing world.The Insti­tute for OneWorld Health will serve as a pos­i­tive agent for change by sav­ing lives, improv­ing health, and ful­fill­ing the promise of med­i­cine for those most …
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Hand-in-Hand International

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Elim­i­nate poverty by cre­at­ing jobs Hand in Hand believes that eco­nomic empow­er­ment of women is the key to increas­ing liv­ing stan­dards and to mak­ing women “agents for change”. We want to engage the poor­est of the poor in our “help to self-help” pro­gramme and income generating activities.  

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Habitat for Humanity

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Cre­at­ing hous­ing for peo­ple in need Habi­tat for Human­ity Inter­na­tional is a non­profit, non­de­nom­i­na­tional Chris­t­ian hous­ing min­istry. Habi­tat wel­comes all people—regardless of race, reli­gion, eth­nic­ity or any other difference—to build sim­ple, decent, afford­able houses with those who lack adequate shelter.      

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